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June 3, 2011
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ocs - the harrow by krhart ocs - the harrow by krhart
At first I thought he smelled strangely. It was kind of a warm headiness that radiates from people who have spent most of their hours outside in sunny conditions, baking the dust and oils into their clothes and skin. I also noticed a combination of several herbs and possibly flavored smoke residue.

He kept calling me “my Feedahn”. It sounded similar to his own name, but it wasn't. I couldn't understand his foreign voice and he didn't bother to speak much anyway. Come to think of it, I didn't like him touching me either. Shouldn't he have been one of those brooding standoff-ish type of nomadic assassins like the Pasha has around the palace? I was told by my parents this would be normal and that I should be honored to be taken in as a protege of the Dogu peoples.

The previous nights mother and the rest of my family told me lots of things in a hurried fashion and pushed me away as so much an emptied plate. Something called The Harrow would come upon my family and was considered an incredible privilege, but I would need to enlist for that to happen. Enlist sounded to me like a voluntary word, and I didn't remember raising my hand. Barely following any religious texts, I wasn't ready to be taken in to some holy guard of the Pashas. I'll just have to ask for more information as I go along and hope I don't die in the process.

Introducing OCs - Daena and Oz-Vidahn
painter x / ref used to fix male arm positioning
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