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It's been quite a long time since I've posted here and wowwww, it feels really good to be back within this community. dA has done so much for my art and development over the years spread across several accounts (shadowlotus2, gatling, now permanently krhart). I know some people coming back are refugees from CGHub and that really isn't the case for me. I've sort of been missing in action from most communities over the last 2 years with the unenjoyable exception of facebook and even that was begrudgingly.  So why was I gone?

Well, I spent the last 2 years sort of transitioning and changing a bit. I worked for Disney Interactive for a while and left that position a week ago for another opportunity. While I love studio work, I feel like one day I would really like to get back into freelancing, but that takes work to develop and maintain after you sort of disappear for a while. I look at people like Loish and Jullie Dillon with super admiration XD Bad move personally, but I needed some time to discover what I wanted and allow some things to fall into whatever place they wanted to in my personal life. Life takes over and things happen. I've met a lot of awesome people because of moving to San Francisco and I don't think I regret the decision at all. But, I also don't think it will be a home for me for a very long time. Its just something you feel.  Maybe Oregon, maybe Canada, maybe East Coast.  I should have this figured out by now, but I haven't. I still feel like a child in that regard. I sort of feel like an immature transient sometimes, still a child at heart for roaming and not being permanent.  I just know I'll be heading off again unless something unexpected happens that keeps me here. This industry is harsh and fickle and I while I have a tough and aggressive exterior for progressing and leadership, I'm actually too soft for it. Its a hard act to keep up.

I would like to work with a smaller set of artists one day. That is sort of a dream. To be able to have this tight nit group of people who can have as a creative family.  I don't know what would need to be done to get there, but maybe its an idea. Its harder as you become adults and everyone is off to get married and have children, but it would be a work life instead of a private one.

Book [unannounced project]
I am just starting on a personal project that will probably take me a few months to get together enough works to feel confident if people would be interested. I will be posting works involving it very soon and hope to get community feedback and maybe support if you guys think it will be worth pursuing! 

dA Notes
I had to clear my notes. As I've probably missed a lot of people, maybe messed up on a few things, and I may have lost contact. Please reach out to me if I missed something important. I'm incredibly sorry I had to do that. Its not very nice or professional but I'm simply overwhelmed by trying to get back in touch with people.

I have to be careful about what I say or post in most places because I don't want it to look like I hate my job or that I have divided loyalties. Quite the contrary! I love working with teams on mobile titles and have learned a great deal about production, design, writing, and different art techniques I can put into my own work. 

However, the best fulfillment from work was when I was doing private commissions and smaller jobs. I love that. It feels intimate, and I love being able to work one on one with people to make their characters and worlds come alive.  I'm trying to do that with my own worlds, but time isn't very friendly lately. It is life. Personally, I think having a partner would ease some of the stress, but that is another story for another time and not very appropriate for this journal!

In the near future I will probably be opening up smaller commissions at first. Like sketches, busts, portraits. That sort of thing. But I have to wait until May after I settle into new work and relocate.  I will post a price and example list very soon when I do the major gallery overhaul.

I am currently not taking requests. Sorry.

Contact Me
twitter | tumblr | instagram
I'm still not very good with social and communities, but I'm trying to get better. Help me out by keeping in contact with me there. 


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Wow, I cant believe you have 6k watchers yet less than 100k views! 

Your works are amazing. I really love the flow, the color choices, and the atmosphere you bring out. They are wonderful @_@
Amazing work, thanks for sharing!
CorryRox 6 days ago  Student General Artist
Amazing Art!...
krhart 6 days ago  Professional General Artist
Thank you!
AziaMae Dec 5, 2013  Student General Artist
I just want to say that your work leave's me in complete awe.... You've really inspired me. Thank you.
Rochisauria Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
my! beautiful Gallery!!! many favs for yah!
Sgt-Sahara Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful, gorgeous artwork (:
FeysalAnthonyNair Aug 30, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
i love your art friend
fantastic work!
shingworks Aug 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Oh... lol. I've had your personal site bookmarked for a couple years at least. Didn't figure out I was sitting next to you for the last few months until now. WELP
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